There are times when buildings have to be erected or extensions need to be added to preexisting buildings. Generally, these situations are a simple matter of savings but certain situations can call for a fundraiser. When the project is not personal and involves a community building or place of worship a fundraiser may be in order. People do tend to be generous, especially when they are donating to a cause that they feel strongly about, but a little bit of recognition can go a long way. People feel better about giving a donation when they are buying a little token in the process. That is where donor bricks come in.

Before the building process begins it is imperative that the proper building materials are available for the project. That makes customizing said building materials a great way to raise money. Donor bricks are more about the funds that they raise than the material itself. These bricks are inscribed to the order of the person making the donation. One of the ways orders for the campaign can be made is in person. The sign up for the bricks is a great centerpiece for the dedication and groundbreaking ceremony for the site. They also make a great addition to a benefit dinner, the combination will bring in twice the donation that each alone would.

donor bricks

Most contributors are not self-concerned enough to place their own names on donor bricks, though it is an option. Many people choose to use them as a memorial for a passed loved one. Another option many people choose is to dedicate the brick to a living friend or relative, such as a newborn baby. Yet another common choice for inscriptions is a date such as an anniversary. No matter what the donor chooses to inscribe it will be permanently set into one of the walls on the building site.


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